Institute for Global Education, Equality
of Opportunity, and Prosperity (IGEP)

The Institute for Global Education, Equality of Opportunity, and Prosperity (IGEP) is a non-profit 501-(c)-3, tax-exempt charitable organization registered in Maryland, USA.


The Institute for Global Education, Equality of Opportunity & Prosperity (IGEP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity registered in 2006 under the laws of the State of Maryland. The purpose of IGEP submitted to, and approved by, the IRS is:

  • Assist the poor and disadvantaged through education, alleviation of their poverty, improvement of their health and sanitation, relief from natural disasters;
  • Study and educate the public about the sources of poverty, including the impact of environmental change, the relationship between poverty and inequalities among people, and the Gandhian philosophy of truth, nonviolence, and selfless service to society;
  • Support Gandhi College in the Ballia district of India to provide education and training to poor rural students, especially women, by providing financial support to build classrooms and laboratories, to support salaries and professional education for teachers and staff, to provide scholarships to students, and for operating expenses of the college; and
  • Establish a center in Washington, D.C. for education and training of poor and disadvantaged persons. This center will inter alia, promote the Gandhian philosophy of truth, nonviolence, and selfless service to society. The Center will also conduct research and organize discussions on poverty and inequality of opportunity with the ultimate goal to help create a fair, just and sustainable human civilization on the planet Earth.

Board of Directors:

Maryland state law requires that the Board of Directors of nonprofit organizations have at least three members. The founding members of the IGEP Board were S. Jiwrajka (President), A. Shukla (Secretary), and J. Shukla (member). In 2018, IGEP has five members of the Board. Copies of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of IGEP are available upon request.

Under Maryland law, members of the Board cannot receive any compensation to be a Board member. However, expenses incurred by Board members in connection with the Board work are reimbursed with proper documentation. IGEP has no paid staff or consultants, does not pay any rent, and has no overhead costs. All IGEP Board members voluntarily contribute their time and effort. This allows IGEP to utilize 100% of donations toward the purpose for which the donation was made.

Donations to IGEP:

Donations to IGEP are tax-exempt from US Federal taxes. Before IGEP was established in 2006, many friends and colleagues of Sonia Shukla, Anne Shukla, and J. Shukla made donations in the memory of Chandran Shukla. Those funds are now part of the net assets of IGEP. The Gandhi College website gives the names of all persons who have made contributions to support Gandhi College. In addition to the Shukla family, major contributions for specific purposes were made by: Santosh and Vinod Jivrajka for the college library; Ken Mooney for Chandran Memorial Hall and Moony Guest House; Sehgal Foundation for solar power; and Harsh Padia, Ramesh Modi, and Naresh Modi for starting a Masters in Home Science. Kiran Jiwrajka, Robin and Grant Branstator, Om Bahethi, and Jay Fein have made generous endowments to provide continuous scholarships. In addition, several friends of Anne and J. Shukla (Robin and Grant Branstator, Mark and Barbara Cane, David and Tema Halpern, Santosh and Kiran Jiwrajka, Ben and Deanna Kirtman, Antonio Moura, Ed Sarachik, Penny and Ed Schneider, David and Susan Straus, Mike and Susie Wallace, and Bin Wang) have made sustained contributions for a number of years to support Gandhi College. In response to letters from Mike Wallace, many of his friends and professional colleagues made donations to support Gandhi College. These funds were used to advance the mission of the college, including the purchase of a bus to enable students from remote areas to attend the college. A long-term goal of Anne and J. Shukla, and friends is to build an endowment fund to support the college in the future.